Color MF Tissue Paper


Main Target Markets: Japan / South Korea, Australia, Other European countries, EU, Russia, Latin America, USA and Canada, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa

Minimum order quantity: 50000 Bags

Product Specifications

  • Exhibit Code: 2306
  • Size (mm): 50*70cm
  • Model: AC-2306
  • Material: Wood pulp
  • Color: Many colors available
  • Place of Shipment: Shandong China
  • Place of Origin: Shandong China
  • Exhibits Characteristic: The company’s main products,The company’s new products

Product name: Color MF Tissue Paper
Item no.: AC-2306
Brand name: RACO
Material: Wood pulp
Color: Many colors available
Thickness: 17g
Size: 50*70cm
Packing: 10pcs/bag, 24pcs/bag, 36pcs/bag


1. Fruit packaging: Mf tissue paper is an important paper in northern fruit packaging materials. It was mainly used for packaging Sydney, hence the name Sydney paper.
2. Clothing, footwear, leather goods, hardware packaging: In the southern China market, copy paper is mainly used for packaging of clothing, footwear, leather goods and other products.
3. Porcelain, wine industry, handicraft packaging: It has the functions of moisture proof, breathability, protection and shaping.
4. Copy paper printing: Copy paper has good printing effect, can print single color, two-color, four-color, corporate logo, trademark, can be dyed into red, blue, gold, silver and other colors.
5. Used for engraving in the art of engraving: Due to the special nature of the copy paper, the ink will not spread, so when engraving, use copy paper to write the manuscript.