Openwork Painting Template


Main Target Markets: Hong Kong SAR China, Macao SAR China and Taiwan China, Japan / South Korea, Australia, Other European countries, EU, Russia, Latin America, USA and Canada, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa

Minimum order quantity: 10000 Sheets

Product Specifications

  • Exhibit Code: 1054
  • Size (mm): 可定制
  • Model: AC-1054
  • Material: PET
  • Color: Milky
  • Place of Shipment: Zhejiang China
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang China
  • Exhibits Characteristic: The company’s main products,The company’s new products

Product name: Openwork Painting Template
Item no.: AC-1054
Brand name: RACO
Material: TPE
Color: Milky
Thickness: 0.25mm
Size: Customized
Packing: 5pcs/bag, 10pcs/bag, 24pcs/bag
Uses: Used for craft making, painting, etc.